StuGo hopes homecoming week continues to grow

Goal is to draw more interest from students, as well as community


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It is not a surprise that one of the most exciting times of the year for high school students is homecoming. StuGo students strive to come up with exciting themes for the dance and the accompanying spirit week, but that is not all they do for homecoming.

StuGo hosted the annual homecoming carnival for all students to attend after school on Wednesday, Sept. 11, to get students rattled up for the dance and get involved in school activities. The carnival consisted of delicious food trucks, exciting bounce attractions, a student led haunted house, and club booths galore. Multiple clubs such as Puma Pals and National Honors Society had booths up for everyone to see, and even had fun games to play and prizes for the winners.

Each year StuGo tries to make improvements and additions to the carnival to catch students attention and make it more fun, while adding a sense of community.

“We are trying to bring bigger stuff in so more people can come and it’s more fun, and it’s not just bounce houses,” StuGo president Brintley Spencer explained.

To go along with the Mardi Gras theme, StuGo introduced a homecoming parade for the first time in school history.

Spencer said, “Our hopes for it is to help it grow and make it school-wide and even community-wide, but since it is a first-year thing, we want to try to keep it smaller and figure out the logistics of it.”

StuGo hopes to make the parade a tradition and make it bigger in the future. The parade was held during conference on Sept 12. where the students were released to the bus line to watch the five floats go by, four floats for each class and a spirit float with the school mascots on it. On each class float stood the three royalty nominees for that specific class and the crowns at the front of the float. Both StuGo and NHS helped build these floats, with StuGo taking the lead time to make the special.

Spanish teacher, Jose-Esteban Ruiz, gave StuGo the idea to start a tradition at Perry and make a yearly parade.

“Just reflecting on my own high school experience, I was also in student council, and one of the fondest memories I have about high school is the four homecoming parades I was a part of,” Ruiz said. Perry will try to keep this new tradition alive and start doing homecoming parades every year, and even maybe be able to showcase them to the community.