Fall fashion trends: 90’s fashion is back in full swing

With the fall season approaching, new fashion trends come with it. It’s important to know which trends are popular and which trends just don’t make the cut. These trends will help students look and feel successful this fall.

Trends expected to make the cut this season would be plaids and denim. Both trends are classic staple pieces in everyday fall outfits. Plaid has become prominent not only in fall this year but plaid skirts have made a comeback from the 90’s this summer. Trends to stay away from this fall would be ruffles or extreme pieces of clothing like flared out sleeves.  Accessories are where you can stand out and make a statement. With Heavy influence from 90’s fashion, it is expected to see 90’s fashion trends come back for this fall season. 90’s trends that can be expected to see is accessories like hair clips, statement sunglasses and hoop earrings.

 Another style expected to play a big role in this year’s fashion trends is the grunge and gothic style. Dark colors and layers are fall fashion staple pieces, the grunge and gothic scene fits right in with these trends. Ripped jeans and boots have been in the fall fashion scene for a long time, and are expected to stay in style for this upcoming season. Another trend is chains. Wallet chains or even chain necklaces have been making an appearance in the last year and will play a big role in fall fashion. There are many different trends to choose from.  

When asked about upcoming fall trends, fashion teacher Mrs. Pryor said she expects to see  plaids, textures, denim, pastel tie dye, belts and hair clips this fall. When asked to give advice to students who may be scared to express themselves through fashion

 Mrs. Pryor explained, “ Right now is the time to be able to be brave about it because anything goes.” Be brave with your fashion choices and stand out this fall.

 Something to remember about finding outfits for school is to stay in dress code. Although students on campus are accepted for expressing themselves with different styles of fashion. Principal Dan Serrano wants students to know that “ Dress code is subjective, so what one person may think is a dress code violation, others may not.” Be aware of what you are wearing and what others may think of your outfit. Stay away from clothes that are too revealing or scandalous. 

This campus is accepting of everyone and wants students to feel like they are safe to express themselves. Whether that be through fashion or in other ways. As long as students follow the rules on dress code, they are welcome to express themselves through fashion. Be brave and stand out this fall season.