Dancers futures full of potential and grace


As the final quarter comes to an end, the Moveo dance companies seniors begin to start a new chapter in their lives. Some may continue their dance career and others may not, but for senior Brinley Harris she will be continuing her dance career by attending BYU, studying journalism and possibly minoring in contemporary dance. Harris also has hopes of joining the BYU dance team after auditioning in mid April.

Harris has been on Moveo for years and no doubt shown that dance is what she loves. Her passion sprouted at age three and she has been dancing for 15 years. Harris’s love and passion for the art sprouted when her mom put her in classes, where she sooner or later fell in love with the performing aspect of it all. Thus starting her career in the dance community; after college Harris plans on moving to Los Angeles to continue her dancing and begin to pursue a career being a choreographer. Where she aspires to continue with her passion for dance outside of school.

Harris’s friend senior Paityn Frye will be dancing on the GCU dance team with Moveo alumni Tyra Thompson. Frye tried out for the GCU dance team because she wanted to be apart of something at her college and gain the experience. She also explains that at GCU the dance team is treated very well for it is a ‘big deal’ to the school and is looking forward to starting out her first year in college.

Frye has been on Moveo ever since her freshman year and her interest in dance started at the age of three. Frye’s passion for the art of dance is very much like Harris’s. She enjoyed and still enjoys performing, dancing in front of people, and on stage. She explains that it is exciting everytime she performs. In college Frye will be studying and majoring in psychology at GCU to become a therapist. Dance to her will be a part of her life but is now moving to another chapter in her life.

Now as for the dancers that are not graduating, junior Maddie Martineau we all know has a ardor for dance. Shown in the “Good vibes” concert earlier this year, Martineau plans on continuing her dance career after high school. However, she does not plan on attending college right away, but rather moving to Los Angeles and trying to put herself out there in the dance community. For instance, Martineau will be going to LA this summer to figure out her living situation and setting up meetings with people to help guide her into the dance community, getting everything organized before it all starts.

As for now when the summer season rolls around and this year 2019 school year comes to an end, we wish the Moveo seniors good luck and a big farewell from all of us on campus and can only hope for the best for next year’s seniors.