Culinary program thrives with seniors

Senior Emma Jennings is on her way to starting her bright future in the culinary world. There is no doubt she is stepping into this with valuable experience.


Jennings main inspiration for cooking all started when she was a little girl. “ It started from cooking with my mom when I was little” Jennings said.


From freshman to senior year Jennings has taken culinary class. Due to her strong passion with cooking she has chosen to continue this in college. She not only has major support from both her parents but also her culinary teacher. “Mrs. Stutz, the culinary teacher she pushes me when I really don’t wanna do stuff” Jennings expressed.


In everything Jennings has done throughout her high school time she has been able to be apart of outstanding events due to culinary. “Through one of the competition program I actually got to be on food network and help one of the chefs prep all his vegetables” Jennings said. She has also been able to do plenty of catering events through the class. After all her hard work she has been offered an outstanding opportunity for her future.


Emma Jennings has gotten a full ride scholarship to the Institute of Culinary Education in Pasadena. When out of college she is hoping to have her own bakery in LA California with a main draw of getting baked. One of her favorite things to bake currently is cream puffs.


Although it’s been a long journey Jennings has realized that everything she has done has paid off.  “I didn’t really wanna do any of the competitions but I did and now I have a full ride scholarship” Jennings stated.


Jennings does encourage other students to work hard if they are interested in the culinary arts. “Get past culinary one, it’s a lot of book work but it gets a lot better” Jennings said.


Emma Jennings is off to a bright and successful future. All of her efforts during all four years  has been able to increase her knowledge. These efforts have not only allowed her to learn more about the culinary field but it is evident that her passion for the skill has grown throughout her high school journey.


Now that summer is almost here and the final quarter is about to end we wish Emma Jennings good luck and we can not wait to see what else her future brings.