Sushi takes a new form


If you love sushi, Poke bowls are the latest and greatest craze you will want to try. Picture this: a deconstructed sushi roll in a bowl. At all the Poke restaurants, the options they have are endless.

I ventured to find the best Poke place and visited three restaurants.

Out of all of these, I would give Poke Hale five out of five stars. I got a bowl with white rice, shrimp, tuna, eel sauce, mango, corn, fried onion, crab salad and masago which is like caviar but smaller fish eggs. The total of that was $11.31.

The entire bowl was sweet from the mango but also salty from the eel sauce. There was also a crunch factor due to the fried onion and the masago.

While the bowl was a higher price in comparison to the others, it is conveniently located close to the school.

Poke Hale also has a good selection of items that you could put into your bowl or even a burrito made of seaweed and rice.

Next was Ahipoki near San Tan Mall, which I give three out of five stars. There I got a bowl with brown rice, shrimp, tuna, ginger, crab salad, pineapple, sprouts, avocado, fried onion, eel sauce and house sauce, which is soy sauce and sesame seed oil mixed.

This bowl had lots of tuna and shrimp, all surrounded by perfectly cooked rice. The add on avocado gave a fresh and healthy taste.

Although the additional sprouts I added to my bowl were not my favorite it can be ordered without.

The cheapest option was the bowl I ordered at the price $8.57 and in my opinion, it was fair for the quality of the food.

Lastly, I went to Pokitrition near Chandler Mall, which I give a two out of five stars. The bowl I got from here had white rice, shrimp, salmon, mango, fried onion, crab salad, masago, cilantro, and a hot and spicy sauce.

Out of everything in this bowl,the rice and cilantro had an overpowering flavor. The portions of everything was off.

There was not a lot of shrimp or salmon and I could hardly taste any sauce. All the rice that was in the bowl was not cooked correctly. It was either under cooked or clumped into balls.

Some features I liked about the bowl was the sweet fresh mango and the crunchy texture the fried onion left. The cost total came to $10.76.

If you haven’t had a Poke Bowl yet you are definitely missing out. It is an amazing and creative food that be customized to your liking. Whether it’s a bowl or burrito, Poke is an experience that everyone should try once in their life.