Shrek the Musical Finally comes to the Stage


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After several attempts, Shrek the Musical is officially coming to the Perry stage. Based on the beloved classic of DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek, theatre is in the works preparing for a musical with memorable scenes, mesmerizing tap dances, and magical music that can get the audience excited for the upcoming production.

Fairy tale creatures who had a rough life are dumped into Shrek’s swamp in which Shrek must  figure out how he will deal with the new creatures. Shrek the ogre must now go out of his comfort zone and venture to find a princess, as well as who he is as an ogre.

“We’ve always wanted to do Shrek,” director Randy Duren mentions. As this year was the third attempt at trying to get the rights for the musical. Unable to get the rights for the show two other times, theatre finally got the chance to showcase the musical for the school to see.

“We always have to battle and if anybody else in the vicinity is doing the same show and at a similar time period, they’ll deny us the rights,” Duren said.

“We actually wanted to do Freaky Friday and we couldn’t get the rights” because another school was running the same play this spring, Duren said. But as a problem as far as rights go, Shrek the Musical was the new choice that theatre went to work with.

“I try to go to them if it fits in my schedule,” principal Dan Serrano says explaining how entertaining the plays put out by theatre go. Theatre picks plays that are enjoyable for families to watch and will allow them to have an enjoyable evening.

“They always win state championships,” Serrano explains expressing his excitement for the upcoming yearly musical. As he is interested in seeing how the story and plot development would lay out.

“Shrek is just such a fun character…it’s kind of a big name to kinda live up to so that’s kind of a new daunting but exciting task to take on,” junior Matthew Pitman mentions as he talks about how he will play out the role of Shrek. Preparing for the upcoming musical, Pitman has a musical background.

“I’m taking choir [for the] eighth or maybe ninth year,” Pitman says. His added experience will be exhibited on stage. Where stage presence of singing and tap dancing will make for a thrilling, entertaining night.

“The costumes and the sets because they’re all very colorful, extravagant [that will be] really exciting,” Pitman eagerly mentions. Which is something that the audience could look forward. Set pieces that will be make the stage vibrant and bring the show collectively.

The musical sets to perform on Feb. 27.