Starbucks v. Dutch bros? Which one offers the best holiday drinks?



The Christmas season is here and and we are running around getting ready for holiday parties, finding the perfect gifts and of course making our favorite Christmas cookies.

Trying some new holiday drinks should be on top of your list this Christmas as well. Dutch Bros and Starbucks have some great choices, so get in the holiday spirit and try some!

My first drink was from Starbucks and I had a small Peppermint Mocha which is just a fancy coffee with more flavor. Out of the six drinks I tried this one was the best.

The moment you pick up the drink you can smell the peppermint and with every sip taste it. The drink was also a warm which fits perfectly with the cold season we are in.

Next time you are out and about definitely pick this drink up for a try.

The second best drink is again from Starbucks. It was a small Caramel Brûlée Latte. This was yet another warm drink that was great for the winter.

It had creamy rich coffee flavor and was a little frothy. After drinking this you could taste the caramel flavor right away.

A Caramel Brûlée Latte is a definite must have this season before it is gone at the end of the month.

This next drink that was pretty good was the last drink I had from Starbucks. I ordered a small Toasted White Chocolate Latte.

It had a smoky flavor and you could for sure recognize the white chocolate flavor. I recommend this warm drink when you are relaxing at home and watching a Christmas movie.

These next three drinks where from the famous and oh so popular Dutch Bros. Though this place is full of good drinks, their holiday drinks were not all that.

I started off tasting a small Peppermint Bark Mocha. A mocha does have coffee and you could absolutely taste it but the peppermint flavor wasn’t big. There seemed to be a watered down chocolate flavor with a small hint of peppermint at the end.

With the three drinks I had from Dutch this one was my favorite.

Next was the Candy Cane Mocha. This drink was not bad but did not taste anything like candy canes.

Dutch has a lot of sweet drinks so this didn’t taste any different then a normal drink from there. Again it had the coffee flavor and had a bit more of a sweet factor.

If you like sweet drinks then you may like it but if you don’t have a sweet tooth this drink may not be for you.

Lastly was the Eggnog Latte. This was my least favorite drink out of all of them.

It had a little taste of eggnog but was not as huge as I thought the drink would taste like. It was warm but it did not make the drink taste better and the consistency felt thick.

The latte is not something I would order again.

Although I did like the three Starbucks drinks more than the Dutch Bros I still recommend you taste them all for yourself.

Something I did not like can be something you may love. Absolutely try these drinks before they are out of season and see which one gets you hyped up for “the most wonderful time of the