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Maggie Feng fall fashion tips


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Fall is known for its bright and warm colors like orange, yellow, and red, and overpriced pumpkin spice lattes.With the new season, what better way to immerse yourself in the autumn weather than getting new clothes to fit the new season?

Looking around our campus, there are many different styles and personalities that are all expressed in fashion. Junior Maggie Feng shows her style every day, and never fails to pull off seemingly impossible outfits. “I think I just focused on who I am, what I like and not what other people think.” Feng stated when asked about how she developed her creative style.

When not in classes or smashing birdies for the badminton team, Feng spends countless hours rehearsing and performing at Dance Connection 2 dance studio, which, she says, “Has helped me be unique and express myself as an individual.”

As we all know, one of the best ways to express yourself is through your clothes. Even though Arizona is known for its distinguishable four seasons; summer, hot summer, hotter summer, and scorching death summer, it is still possible to jump into the fall fashion and culture.

How is that even possible? It is always important to express ourselves in our own unique way. With that being said, there is no shame in getting inspiration from other people’s styles.

Feng’s go-to fall outfit is, “Ripped jeans, a knit sweater, boots, and gold accessories”. However, these aren’t the only clothing items that can be used. You can add a scarf, beanie, or even a jean jacket to spice up your look. By shopping at fashionable and affordable clothing store such as: Forever 21, H&M, Tillys, or even your local thrift store, you can achieve an astonishing look without breaking the bank.

The best style tip in general is to wear whatever you think is comfortable, and makes you feel great. Trust me, there are so many people who can pull off cute sweatpants and a hoodie any day.

Lastly, it’s most important to never feel like you have to confine to any of society’s beauty and fashion standards. The things that differentiate us from the monotone crowd is our individuality. Whether it be stereotype-challenging fashion, a radiant personality, glowing happiness, or unbreakable confidence, always remember to be yourself.

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Maggie Feng fall fashion tips