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Curious Savage set to debut


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Are you a curious teenager who only has the motivation to be as much of a savage as you can? Then Perry Theater Company has the perfect production for you, Curious Savage.

This play is about an elderly women who has recently lost her husband and is surrounded by her three terrible step children. The plot thickens when the children realize that she has hidden all the family fortune and taken the mother into a mental institution to try and convince her into giving them the money.

Senior Sarah Martino is playing Miss Willy, one of nurses at the nursing home. Martino described the play as “super funny, but at the same time it carries a bunch of deep messages on accepting people but at the same time everyone is laughing throughout the entire show.” This production is unlike other shows that this cast has normally produced: this is not a musical.

Theater teacher Randy Duren, gives us inside information on some of the unique qualities about this play, “the plot of the play takes place over several days with the set of one living room for the whole production”. This will make the production shorter as there will be no set changes.

Canyon Tek, the head stage manager, says that he is most excited for “a team of technicians will come in and do all the designs and lighting for this play.”

Curious Savage is a play that is becoming more common in high school theatre groups. This play first made its debut in the fifties. Duren was very excited about putting on this play as it “has a high reputation and I think that we are able and ready to perform this production.” Based on the previous productions done by this cast, many students and teachers believe that this will be a fantastic production.

Advertising for this play is not as big compared to past productions. Martino shares that “the hot pink with teddy bears on them are our advertisers, and we will be sharing some information on the morning announcements.” The cast of this production is smaller than past plays, bringing in new talents and new audiences.

Duren believes that this production is not getting as much social buzz as other productions because “this is not a sing-along play, and most people haven’t heard about it since it is an older movie.” With this not being a musical, Duren also believes that “this will be interesting to see the audiences reactions and how they take in the general idea of this play.” The confidence levels of the cast, technicians, and directors brings in a comforting factor to this kind of production.

The opening night of Curious Savage is March 8 and will continue through the 9 and 10, at 7 p.m. in the Perry auditorium. Stop being so curious and come see Curious Savage- you will not be disappointed.

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Curious Savage set to debut