New student show replaces regular Perry podcasts


Juniors Rylee Hanson, Ayla Orso, and Gabby Washburn are recording live in front of the camera for Perry Podcast at Perry High School in room F305.


Earlier this year, three sophomore girls set out to create the school’s most current news show – The Puma Project. Acting as lead anchors, sophomores Rylee Hanson, Ayla Orso, and Gabby Washburn step in front of the camera to bring up-to-date information on the school’s happenings.

The project remains fresh as it has only put out one episode, yet the makers already have ideas for the show’s direction.

“It’s going to be about students, more about our news. We’ll focus on different interesting things and events,” says Hanson.

The girls originally planned the project to evade alternative assignments, but it quickly grew into an impassioned idea with high hopes. However, before these media aficionados could succeed they had to overcome various obstacles.

“For our first try we had an idea and we storyboarded it and filmed. At the end of class we left, but we came back the next day and all the clips were gone,” said Washburn. Yet as if reading from an inspirational Hallmark card, she said: “I feel like since we started so poorly, there’s even more room for improvement.”

The team improved rather quickly, filming and editing their first episode in a week. This episode highlighted events ranging from homecoming to culinary class.

While watching the project, an all-female cast can be noted. A lineup like this has never been seen in a media show at this school, but the anchors would not let age or gender stand in their way.

“I think it’s weird because we’re all underclassmen girls, so we were a little bit worried about what people would say. I heard a lot of people wanted more upperclassmen on the show,” Hanson said. Dismissing others’ assumptions of what a high school media show “should” look like, these friends began the show anyways.

Due to its recent creation and small repertoire, the show has not yet caught the eye of the general student body. Orso expects this to improve with time.

“I hope it gets popular. I hope people watch it and laugh, learning more about what’s going on around the school.”

The show is expected to come out once a month on the Youtube page “The Puma Project,” where their first episode is posted.