The Precedent

  • January 16Perry Idol Friday, January 17 2019

Students collaborate to make their own fashion magazine

A close group of friends create a fashion magazine.

Mallory Melanson, Staff Reporter

February 13, 2018

Some students have unique talents that some people look down upon; but these special teens are motivated and put their hearts into what they do, just like the talented group of students who produced QNDP Magazine. “Quarter, Nickel, Dime, Penny. Keep the change” is the magazine’s motto. QNDP h...

New student show replaces regular Perry podcasts

Juniors Rylee Hanson, Ayla Orso, and Gabby Washburn are recording live in front of the camera for Perry Podcast at Perry High School in room F305.

Ian Graham, Reporter

September 26, 2016

  Earlier this year, three sophomore girls set out to create the school’s most current news show - The Puma Project. Acting as lead anchors, sophomores Rylee Hanson, Ayla Orso, and Gabby Washburn step in front of the camera to bring up-to-date information on the school’s happenings. T...

The student voice of Perry High School
Ayla Orso