Controversial off-the-shoulder tops

Summer 2016 has brought a variety of unforgettable styles to campus. The question is, how does one beat the heat and still look ‘fire’ when dress code is knocking at their door?

Lately, there is much controversy regarding off-the-shoulder tops and whether or not they apply to the dress code. Unfortunately, these tops are prohibited due to the school dress code guidelines, but have remained in the news due to their popularity.

Junior Sarah Abdallah mentioned, “I think off-the-shoulder tops are so cute, especially because they come in so many styles and you can wear them a lot of different ways.”

These tops are sold in nearly every store, making them difficult to avoid. As a result of the prominence and accessibility of these tops, the trend is slowly making its way to high school wardrobes.

If you take a look around campus, you will without a doubt spot at least one or two of these tops.

Many teachers are anti off-the-shoulder tops while others do not mind them, making it difficult for girls to grasp whether the style screams dress code or defeats it.

Freshman Kaitlyn Gregory stated, “I love off-the-shoulder tops. A lot of teachers dress code for them but I don’t think they should.”

So, how do we decide whether or not to wear these off-the-shoulder tops? They remain extremely fashionable, however if a style is questionable, it is safer to just not wear it altogether.

Junior Sofia Schmidt expanded on her dress code views, by asserting “I definitely think that…a lot of current trends are more revealing. If you’re going to wear something like that, you’ll have to wear a cardigan which somewhat ruins the style.”

Although the tops may be cute, one must ask themselves…is this shirt worth getting dress-coded over?