“You Can’t Take With You” forms memories the audience can take with them


Dayna Miller

“You Can’t Take It With You” cast members prepare for dress rehearsal before opening night.

Bree Wade, Staff Reporter

The theatre is notorious for being able to sway the emotions of the audience: drawing out tears, laughs, and admiration for all cast members. Perry’s own Drama Department is no exception as they take the stage in the production “You Can’t Take It With You.”

Director and cast member Jim Fountain stated, “[the play] is about this cooky non-conformist family who have a daughter who falls in love with a banker’s son, and he brings his parents to meet her parents…and there is all kind of insanity that ensues.”

Preparations for the production started the first week of the 2015-2016 school year, and rehearsals have been held ever since.

Noelle Soucek, a senior and cast member, shared her thoughts on rehearsals, “We’ve had rehearsals every single day…it’s been a lot of fun just being able to work with the people who share the same [passion]…just running the play and working on our characters and making sure everything is running smoothly.”

This production is Director Fountain’s last at Perry, as he plans to retire after this school year. Fountain was part of the original staff that opened Perry High School in 2007.

Devon Policci, a sophomore cast member, expressed, “I’m actually really sad, [Fountain] is probably one of my favorite directors. He’s really fun and really talented.”

Soucek reminisced on her time acting under Fountain’s direction, “[Fountain] is actually in the show…he’s the grandpa and it’s so fun because he is our grandpa. Everyone in theater, that’s what he’s has become over the years. It’s just very sentimental and sweet.”
Performances for Perry’s latest comedic production “You Can’t Take It With You,” started Thursday, September 3 and will continue on until Saturday, September 12.