Sky’s out thighs out


Student Jordan Keller shows off his shorts.

Kendall MacGregor, Staff Reporter

As the Arizona weather remains scalding hot, the shorts remain short. Although this does not only apply to the female gender. The popularization of the male “short-shorts” has made a comeback since they reached their height of popularity in the eighties.

With companies such as Chubbies, which has over a million fans on Facebook, is a company aiming to sale short-shorts to the masses. The rising company based in San Francisco refers to pants as a “necessary evil.”  

Chubbies sells five-and-half-inch shorts, but most men opt for just-above-the-knee with nine inch shorts. Just depends on how much of your “thighceps” one prefers to show.

“I think it really shows off the nice toned thighs,” commented junior, Daniela Bastidas. Opting for the change in the length of the modern male shorts.

While junior, Jordan Keller, shared that he starting wearing short-shorts last year. He favors the Hollister brand over Chubbies because of the inexpensive. Keller’s response to why short-shorts was simply, “why not.” He elaborated “I do get compliments [from girls]. Then you can talk about fashion with women, if you actually know it. Which I don’t very well.”

Although the male short-shorts has not yet hit the masses at Perry. “I have not seen any students around here wearing them yet. But I am now going to be looking for those short-shorts,” commented, math teacher, Stephanie Carrasco.

Will the male short-shorts eventually make a full recovery or will this just be another timely fad? Only time can tell. At least for now it is best to embrace the “thighceps.”