Technology Standards


Jason Richey: Apple is always seen as the industry standard for technology. The new iPhone or iPad is always the must have for some people, trading in their old devices for the new one. What do you think about Apple as being seen as the industry standard?

Brian Bernier: It depends on the industry you are talking about. In the whole area of graphics and software that Adobe runs, they were the ones that were used the most because they were built to operate those systems. As far as the video stuff, we use Macs here because they are stable, we don’t have as many issues with them, plus because they build their own OS and hardware. It’s a lot more consistent compared to the PCs.

JR: Are there other issues that come up besides just stability and longevity? 

BB: The other reason why I prefer Macs here is because…we get a little more leeway. And as for the video aspect of the industry standard, PCs are the same as Macs, it just depends on the shop you use. As for the iPads and the iPhones, that’s just a marketing thing. If you are a Samsung guy, you can ask anyone around here and they will tell you that they do not last as long. Apple phones are also really idiot proof and helpful. 

JR: You touched on this earlier, but when talking about technology as a whole, is there a such thing as an industry standard? 

BB: Not in regards to hardware, no. We use professional level software in here, but you could use our software on a PC as well. It does not have anything to do with the hardware. We use Adobe products, and so with the Adobe stuff our kids could leave after two years in the program as a certified editor. It makes no difference on a PC compared to on a Mac; they would have the same software. 

JR: We know that the term “industry standard” in technology isn’t all black and white. What and how has Apple done to be seen as the industry standard regardless?

BB: Their marketing presence is huge. They market a specific way and have been consistent with it. Think about the way you watch your TV shows on Netflix, or on movies. Apple made a big decision where they said, ‘Hey, we are going to donate any hardware you need for the movie, so when you see a laptop open up on the TV show, you see their logo and it is consistent. Look at the early part of the 2000s. It just became a thing, like people see that and think ‘Oh that’s on a TV show, that must be cool to have one of those!’ It became a real status symbol. Their marketing program is exceptional. They are marketing even when you don’t know it.

JR: How should Apple continue to be assumed as the industry standard amongst the public? 

BB: They are one of the biggest companies in the world. They should always continue to innovate, but really with their phones, they are their driver. Years ago, they were dead in the water. But they came back with the iPod and that was what saved the company. The iPod grew out, and then they created the phone. That was the first phone with the touch screen, and then that was it; it took over from that. 

At the end of the day, the definition of industry standard is so broad and so widespread that it can be defined in many different ways. However, there is no doubt that Apple with their marketing program has built them up to success.