Trendiness in being environmentally friendly

With the looming threat of damage to the climate, it is evident that society needs to take proactive steps towards creating a better environmental future. 

It almost seems as if becoming more environmentally-friendly is becoming normalized as a trend. But not all trends are bad, right? 

Every action we take has an impact on the environment: whether it be choosing to drive an electric car, investing in a reusable straw, or ditching the plastic water bottle altogether and using a refillable bottle – it all influences the world.  

The fast-paced trend of VSCO girls, a group of people characterized by their thrifted outfits and Hydro Flasks, is assisting in bringing attention to our dwindling climate.

The attention as this group of people gets, whether it be negative or positive, contributes to the widespread message of the benefits of being environmentally-conscious and how that can impact our daily lives and generations in the future. 

Regarding internet trends, CEO and co-founder of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk, has contributed to constructing a healthier world in a unique, yet intelligent way. 

By expressing himself online through entertaining Tweets and appearances on YouTube videos geared towards young adults, Musk is able to immerse his message of being environmentally-friendly to a younger, more tech-savvy audience.  

Additionally, with the implementation of the Tesla Model 3 in summer 2017, which serves as a less expensive version of the Tesla Model S, makes driving an eco-friendly experience for those who may otherwise be unable to afford a Tesla. 

As a whole, the typical demographic of people who utilize riding services such as Uber and Lyft consist of teenagers and young adults. This decision creates less pollution as a result of carpooling rather than the alternative of taking two separate cars. 

As explained earlier, not all trends are bad; especially ones that contribute to saving the environment. They are a step in the right direction given the deterioration of our ozone layer and climate change that continually affects environments worldwide. 

In a way, our generation contributes immensely to this change. 

By kick-starting the VSCO girl trend, directing attention towards Elon Musk, and choosing ride services, an abundance of people are turning to the more environmentally friendly alternatives.