The Precedent

  • January 16Perry Idol Friday, January 17 2019

Trendiness in being environmentally friendly

Isabel Behrendt, Opinions Editor

September 26, 2019

With the looming threat of damage to the climate, it is evident that society needs to take proactive steps towards creating a better environmental future.  It almost seems as if becoming more environmentally-friendly is becoming normalized as a trend. But not all trends are bad, right?  Every a...

Perry’s “Go Green Week” changes the way students think

Karson Hentges, Emily Narducci, Staff Reporter

November 25, 2015

With a world fueled by gasoline and polluted by the very people that built it up, the Earth is a precious, yet very vulnerable place. The privilege of living on this mecca of opportunities may be something for adults and children alike can take for granted, but this definitely is not the case for everyone. ...

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