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Junior Brighton Owens heads into Target anticipating pre-Black Friday sales. During the weeks leading up to Black Friday, most stores have organized many early sales in hopes to prevent large masses of people gathering in stores.

Black Friday: nothing to fear

When a content, full smile spreads across faces on Thanksgiving, people know that it is time to go shopping. After a long day well spent stuffing oneself full of food, the warm feeling of satisfaction spreads from head to toe. Nothing sounds better than laying next to a warm fire and taking a nice food induced nap. However, instead of resting, tradition calls for a late and intense run to the store for pre-Black Friday sales. Crowded shopping centers bring back wonderful memories of spending time with family and the divine feeling of buying gifts for all the people that are close to you. 

This year due to the pandemic, most stores will be closed on Thanksgiving. The great news is that there will be a huge boost in online sales throughout Thanksgiving week.  There is a plus side to this major disappointment,  one can enjoy the awe-inspiring feeling of giving from the comforts of their own home. Giving has never been so easy. For those who prefer in-person shopping, a majority of stores will reopen on Black Friday so customers can start their shopping spree. 

Instead of worrying about violent shopping experiences, customers are concerned about the ongoing pandemic. In response to these fears, stores like Walmart and Target have devised ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. Some of these changes include metering stores, marked checkout lines, and mask requirements. Walmart has also created one-way shopping aisles for customers to follow. Due to these safety precautions, shopping has been safer than previous years, but online is now a very popular option. So if safety is a concern, shopping the deals online is the best and most comfortable choice.

One of the best parts of Black Friday is that it precedes Cyber Monday. Putting aside the fears surrounding coronavirus, Cyber Monday is one of the best times to catch all the great new deals on tech products. This follow up holiday allows shoppers to catch the best deals without having to change out of comfy pajamas. The week of the 26th will be one to remember as it is going to look different to the classic Thanksgiving weekend America is so used to. It will naturally catch the eye of those who appreciate the relaxing atmosphere of shopping from home.  

In fact, deals have already started. Target has announced that they will be releasing new deals weekly and many stores are most likely to follow suit. This holiday season may be more comfortable and relaxed than any other previous Black Friday. 

Black Friday: nothing to fear
Black Friday: COVID-19 breeding ground

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