Season in Review: Girls Basketball


Meghan McGowan

Senior Guard Jayla Cal blocks a pass from an opposing team member in the game against Fairfax. The game ended with a score of 74-45 with Perry up.

After winning 26 of their 29 games, the girls basketball season came to an end in the semifinals loss to Millennium High School.

This season the girls basketball team performed very well, becoming Nike champions, Title IX Champions, and undefeated premier region champs. Varsity girls basketball coach Andrew Curtis said, “Obviously it didn’t end the way we wanted it to, but we made a lot of accomplishments.” There was success for girls basketball throughout their entire season

The girls were very happy about the way they performed and grew throughout the season. Senior forward and guard Khamil Pierre said, “I’m just proud of the team and how hard we worked, even games where we were down we always came back.” Sophomore Guard Isabella Ivy also touched on this, saying, “As we were getting through the season and traveling we got pretty good.” The girls fought through many hard games, and became a stronger team because of it.

Going into the next season, there is plenty of hope for the great things girls basketball may be able to get done. Ivy said, “Next season we will be short on height, but hopefully we can move quicker and speed teams up a bit.” Girls basketball will end up losing seven of their players, and with the team going down in size the girls need to be ready for almost an entirely new team. The old team consisted of twelve players, and with almost half leaving it will be interesting to see where the team goes next year.

Pierre hopes the best for the future girls basketball team as well. She said, “For my team next year, just want them to be confident, and understand that they can do it, and hopefully they can go to state.” Pierre will be in college next year, but still has her best wishes in mind for her team.

The girls coach had a unique standpoint on this. Coach Curtis said, “Every team is different. Every team every year is a little bit different. You just find what works over the course of the year…we’re gonna be good.” Curtis is going into this next season with a clean slate, ready to learn how to coach the team from the team themself.

With the teams perspective shifting from where they were to where they are going, It’s easy to see that much will change. With seven of the twelve varsity players moving on to life after high school the team will learn to rebuild. As younger players step up to fill the shoes of seniors before them, Coach Curtis is looking to help them to grow better, and become stronger players, in order to hopefully go all the way.