Cut down season won’t stop swimmers and divers to make State


Izzy Ricciardi doing an open turn at the home meet against Highland


Perry swim and dive is one of the sports that got to have a season this year at Perry. Although they get to have a season, it has been cut down short and has more precautions. Head Coach Carrasco says “…challenging um would be the word I would use umm every aspect of this year coming from tryouts, having ya know we can only have 32 kids in the water each time, trying to keep the swimmers social distance, like everything about this season has been a challenge.”. Even with all the precautions being taken the swim and dive team have done amazing with it. 

Comparing from past seasons

Obviously, the new 2020-2021 season is very different from past seasons. Previous seasons were altogether easier and less stressful to think about. Although swimmers have to get used to social distant practicing, there are still those who think they are doing just as well. Alexia Jackson states “This season, I mean since its cut short, like a little bit disappointing then last season since we didn’t have as many meets to like get up to like at least my standard of diving but we’ve had a fun time…”. 


 Now that the season is coming close to its end some swimmers will be going to the invitational meet to determine which swimmer made it to state and which diver made it to state qualifiers. Going to state is a very important thing to a swimmer and diver, because they compete with so many other schools and visitors come to watch them do their best. Simmer Kayla Walker, says “It’s basically I’m excited to make states and I’m happy COVID didn’t stop it.”. Since COVID has cancelled tons of events it is great that athletes are able to get one serious meet out of the season. Swimmer Micheal Jonson says “It’s a good feeling, states fun I like getting a state shirt and a sandwich when I go to state.” Athletes work hard to get to the highest level of meets and getting to go with teammates is the best reward of the season. 

Senior View

Seniors have been the most impacted when it comes to all the changes this season, as it is their last time that they will be doing their sport for high school and move onto college. Natalie Christopholo says “Umm no, I really thought they were not even going to have a swim season this year so that’s really cool that we got one.” It was so hard to determine if there would even be a season this year and it is relieving for the seniors to have one last shot at a state title.

Swimmers and divers have worked so hard this season to get to where they wanted to be no matter what precautions they had to take; it all was worth it in the end.