Breaking set backs


Perry baseball team

Michael Camarra mug shot for Perry baseball

Junior Michael Camarra was having a great fall for the Perry baseball team. The junior outfielder was hitting .429  in an early November tournament in Las Vegas, things were looking up for him and the Pumas.

Camarra got on first base by a … He was taking his normal lead off from first when the Arbor high pitcher tried to pick him off. Camarra dove back and was called safe but suddenly the game stopped and everyone heard a cry from first base.

“My arm stretched out and I fell under it and it got trapped [his arm] and I tore it this way,”

His arm was stretched out and he fell and trapped his arm under him. When he got up and checked to see what was wrong with his arm, he found out he had torn his left labrum in his shoulder.

Camarra went in for surgery on Nov. 27th and this is a five to six-month recovery process to get back in shape for baseball. He goes on to explain how he had bandages and stitches all over him three weeks after surgery. Camarra also explains how it was tough for him not to move his arm and about week five he could finally move and exercise his arm.

“Ever since the first week after surgery I went to rehab. The first two days of my arm was numb and paralyzed and I could not feel it for a few days,” he said.

Since this was a five-month rehab process Camarra hopes to continue playing ball in the future and have a spot on varsity when he is a senior.

“It affects me completely and how I progress because I lost five months of getting better. I’m still getting to where I was before my injury,” he said.

Camarra still is not done with all of his rehabs. He wants to continue working hard to be back at where he was five months ago and have a great comeback for the 2020 season since there are not many games left in the 2019 season.

On April 11th Camarra was all smiles and was excited to go back on the field for the first time since his accident and play with the varsity for a bit.

“I’m pretty excited to play and a little nervous, hopefully, I do well to keep my varsity spot,” he explained. Although Camarra did not get to do much he was a courtesy runner for a few kids on varsity.

Now Camarra has been put on junior varsity and has been playing nonstop over there.