Family ties in both soccer programs strengthens chemistry


Emma Fernandez

Siblings starting left to right: Connor Rudd, Taylor Rudd, Rachel Wolter and Annie Wolter

It is frequently heard from athletes that their team is like a second family; being there for eachother on and off the field. However, for some, their team is literally their family. Such is the case for both the boys and girls soccer programs, with both teams having a set of siblings. The varsity boys team has the skill of the Rudd brothers, Taylor, a senior and Connor, a junior. While the girls varsity team has the defensive tag-team of Rachel Wolter, a junior and Annie Wolter, a freshman.

Taylor, the oldest between the two brothers, explains how he and Connor got involved in soccer. “We started a long time ago, about ten years ago and it just has been our sport.”

Rachel and Annie’s involvement in soccer began when they were five years old and their mother placed them in soccer.

“Well my family has been a big sports family from the beginning,” the oldest of the two sisters Rachel, states on the sisters beginning with soccer. “We [have] done basically every sport. I guess soccer was the one that we absolutely loved.”

The Rudd brothers’ years of experience contributes to their motivation, both describing it as continuing to play the game that they love.

“What motivates me? Its just the joy of doing something that I love,” Connor said.  

As sibling rivalries go, Taylor and Connor do not let soccer get between them.

“Soccer has definitely brought us closer together,” Conner says. “It’s something we both enjoy and so we love practicing together and getting better together.”

The Wolter sisters use soccer to strengthen their relationship as well.

“We are both close and great friends but soccer has a lot to do with it,” Annie Wolter says about playing with her sister. “We have such great chemistry together on and off the field and it’s really fun.”

The lady Pumas have flexibility within the defense, as both of the Wolter sisters play the same position, center back.

The girls soccer coach, John Roberts, comments, “they are actually one in the same player, if you know what I mean. They are interchangeable, they both play the same position.”

Whether the sibling rivalry is motivating them or the sibling bond is keep them going, Perry’s set of siblings are making a huge impact on Puma soccer.