Making a big splash on campus


Brandon Rule

Senior Riley Lang doing the breast stroke at a swim meet.

Stephanie Carrasco is transitioning from assistant swim coach to head coach. Last year’s head coach, JJ Chandler, received a job at Chandler High School and now Carrasco is taking charge. Carrasco was assistant coach last year, so the shift is expected to be an easy one.

After both girls and boys beat Mesquite High School in their first meet, they are off to a good start for their 2013 season.

To continue their success, the team is setting goals. This year’s goals include earning numerous swimmers a chance to compete at state, improving sprint races, and, of course, beating Basha.

The main idea for individuals and the team alike is making state.

As Carrasco puts it, “[The goal is] to get more kids to make it to state, but that’s the goal every year.”

When asked what the team needs to work on, girls swimmer Victoria Bziukiewizz, responded, “I think our sprint races, because a lot of other schools have stacked sprint races so they win all of those, but then our distance…we’re really good at those.”

Boys swimmer, Sam Morton agrees and believes Carrasco is preparing them for short races.

“Chandler did more distance and she [Carrasco] does more short sprints,” says Morton.

As for the competition, the team plans on competing in the same main invitationals that they did last year, in addition to their regular meets. The main schools they desired to beat were Campo Verde High School and Gilbert High School. Girls lost to Campo Verde, but the boys managed to earn a victory. On Sept., 19, 3013 both the boys and girls teams beat Gilbert. The boys are now undefeated, but the girls are 2-1.

Another school the swim team hopes to defeat is Basha High School. The heated Basha vs. Perry rivalry does not cool down for swim and dive.

“We’ll definitely have a challenge against Basha because they’re our rivals and they beat us last year, so we want to try and beat them this year,” Bziukiewizz said.

Both girls and boys compete against Basha High School on Thursday, September 26, 2013 from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. at Basha Pool.