MOTS: Best sport to watch


Graphic created by Elena Jones

Sports fan often have their favorite sport to follow from the sidelines, or the comfort of their home. Different connections to sports allow for various favorites among students.

When it comes to sports fans, most have a favorite sport or team that they enthusiastically follow and root for. Many people enjoy watching an array of sports games, and when it comes to avid fans, many maintain an all-time favorite sport to watch.

People enjoy following their favorite teams and sports for a variety of reasons. Different sports appeal to individual people, and the intricate rules or strategies of a certain game can draw different people’s interest. Additionally, a shared appreciation for a sport can create a closer relationship and bonding time between individuals.

An appreciation for the elaborate rules and strategies that a sport has can cause it to become someone’s favorite. It is for this reason that freshman Ridge Nielson favors watching basketball. “I really like watching basketball. It’s a cool sport, and I enjoy watching it because I like the different strategies in the game” Nielson relayed.

Many people are fans of a sport because they enjoy analyzing the strategies of the game. Analytical minds search for complex tactics within games, and observing these intricacies sparks interest in their sport of choice.

There are many reasons beyond the strategy of the game that cause people to favor their sport. Often, people enjoy watching sports for the rush they get due to the quick pace of the game. Watching sports can bring a level of adrenaline when the game progresses quickly.

Sophomore Dallin Welch enjoys watching tennis for this very reason. “My favorite sport is definitely tennis due to its fast pace,” Welch recalled. Further, he has gained an appreciation for the fact that the game is “always moving.”

Junior Hannah Milburn enjoys her favorite sport, hockey, for similar reasons. “My favorite sport to watch would be hockey. I like it because there’s not a lot of downtime, so everything happens really fast,” said Milburn.

Fast-paced sports keep viewers interested with their rapid series of events. Viewers who easily find themselves getting bored when watching long, drawn-out games tend to favor watching sports in which new occurrences quickly continue happening, recapturing their attention.

Beyond the strategy and fast-pace of games, fans can find reason to favor certain sports in the bonds they create with friends and loved ones. Individuals raised watching a certain sport may enjoy it for the feeling of nostalgia or memories tied to the sport. Old and new relationships can be fostered by a shared appreciation for a sport.

Senior Debra Abbott strengthens her relationships with her family members by maintaining a respect for football together. “My favorite sport to watch is football because my family likes to watch it, and it helps us bond as a family,” mentioned Abbott.

Different fans favor their sport of choice for different reasons, allowing them to connect to the sport or to others who share their appreciation for watching the game.