Hot Take: Fall starts too soon


Lexi Amaro

HomeGoods employee organizes seasonal section. The retail store has a wide selection of fall decor.

Despite the official first day of fall being Sept. 22, retail stores across the country have had their fall decorations out for purchase starting as early as June. By the end of September, stores will already have decorations for Christmas as well. With fast paced consumerism being a key part of American capitalism, it is no wonder that holidays pass in the blink of an eye. 

Rather than prolonging the season by introducing it sooner, companies have shortened the season prior by suffocating it with the major holidays and events that take place toward the end of the year.

Companies do have a purpose for this. Their goal is to put out goods for consumers to buy before the season itself, so it has the ability to sell and help consumers be prepared for the season when it does come.

As a retail employee, I have witnessed firsthand the extent of this fall obsession. From the first day that Halloween items came out, floods of customers came in dressed in all of their Halloween gear.

Senior Morgan Murdza shared, “I love the fall. I think they put out decorations too soon in stores, but that’s pretty much it. I like pumpkin too.”

For those in Arizona, the start of fall decor means that the heat is almost over. Senior Lily Rittman believed, “I love it because it’s around Halloween, and I love all the decorations. I think it’s a good break from summer; it’s almost winter.”

Senior Jordan Lahaan said, “I like the weather change. It’s cooler, a lot better than summer.”

Testing administrator Cynthia Pino remarked, “Does Arizona even have a fall season? When we go from hot to less hot? We don’t have fall. I’m not a fan of Christmas decorating/Thanksgiving decorating because it doesn’t match my house decor. I think in Arizona we don’t really have a fall, so I don’t understand it. My house does not look good with orange and brown.”

Despite the many different opinions surrounding fall, we cannot prevent the seasons from changing. There is very little the public can do to prevent the rush into fall, unless they stop feeding into the cycle caused by corporate companies.