Do-it-Yourself: N95 Medical Mask

In the United States, many people are left scrambling to find the proper necessities such as toilet paper, bleach, and now medical masks in hopes of dodging the coronavirus. Unfortunately, due to high demand for various products, things like medical masks are not available so that leaves many having to substitute N95 masks with things like t-shirts or socks. Using those things in place instead of a proper mask is not effective and will still spread germs. 

According to a popular DIY website called Survivopedia, all that you need to make an effective medical mask is: “A cotton woven fabric that should be prewashed, thread, and an elastic.” The simple steps include:

Cut 2 pcs 6″ X 8″ fabric in fold

2 pcs of 2″ X 5.5″ strips of fabric

Fold the fabric the wrong side out and stitch the sides.

Fold  ¼” on both sides from the center then stitch over the folded sides.

Survivopedia also adds: “To make the seam you place the two pieces of 2” X 5.5” strip of fabric underneath the mask, roll them so both ends come in front of the mask, up and down, and then stitch them to the mask.” The last step includes cutting two pieces of 8 inch elastic and to put each piece on the casing using a pin and then just stitch it up or simply just tie it together.

In addition on April 1st, Bloomberg Business said, “more than 3,300 health-care workers in China were infected by early March, and in Italy, 20% caught it…” This is due to the shortage in masks. By making our own masks that are simple yet effective, we are leaving more essential medical masks for doctors and nurses in the field who need it the most. 

‘”Actively encourage sick employees to stay home,”’ says CBS News, “CDC advised. Dr. Agus echoed that point of view and also took it one step further, saying companies should be planning for their whole staff to work remotely.”