The November Slump

The Christmas bells are beginning to ring! Multicolored lights shine bright, Santa makes an appearance at your local mall, and the scent of freshly-baked cookies invades the kitchen. 

Sounds great, right? 

The only problem: it is still November.  

All of a sudden, the hype for Christmas sneaks up: the stores, restaurants, and even the movie theatre are filled with holiday cheer.

But are we jumping the gun a little?  

In case anyone has forgotten, Thanksgiving is celebrated around a month before Christmas. 

So where is everyone’s turkey day cheer? Has it been poured down the drain with the apple cider? Has it been thrown away along with a failed attempt to home-bake dinner rolls that turned out a bit too dry? 

Where all the Thanksgiving decorations, restaurant specials, and movies? 

The month of November is known for Christmas movie debuts, but why not just wait for December?

November should represent more than just a pre-December.

November is knocking on the door to winter, not breaking down the door and invading. Introducing Christmas cheer unnecessarily earlier can lead to a holiday season almost as dry as the rolls we mentioned earlier. 

Where are all the Happy Thanksgiving movies? 

Yes, there have been movies about Thanksgiving in the past, the most recent being The Oath that came out last year, but there are no new movies this year. 

All of the previous “Thanksgiving” movies all showcase the same plot: a dysfunctional family coming together for one disastrous meal. 

Really puts you in the holiday spirit, huh? 

The Thanksgiving season is supposed to be about spending time with loved ones and being grateful, while the movies just showcase the drawn-out, mandatory dinner that no one wants to attend anymore. 

This year, no movies are coming out about the Thanksgiving season.

Is that because no one wants to think about the dreaded dinner?  

It is upsetting to think about the lack of seasonal movies coming out this Holiday season, but we can all be sure to expect a whole lot of Christmas movies this year. 

Even upcoming winter movies in general such as Frozen 2 have captured the spotlight over Thanksgiving and fall in general. 

Will we ever get just a happy-go-lucky Thanksgiving movie?

Not this year.

Maybe in the far-future when people stop skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas. 

One thing we won’t be thankful for this season is a Thanksgiving movie; a good one at least. 

So when you are at the dinner table with your loved ones, remember not to thank Hollywood for their Thanksgiving movies!