Kicking off new school year with big changes


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The beginning of the school year has always been an adjustment period for new and returning students alike, but this year that adjustment period affected more than just the newbies on campus. Unbeknownst to the new students of the school, there have been many recent additions on campus ranging from a new building to new bells; which are either praised or despised by returning students. 

The announcement of another building being constructed exited travelling teachers, language teachers, and students who would have the opportunity to see this brand-new extension of the C-building. And while the traveling and language teachers are happy to finally have their own room to have an entire floor to themselves, we, the latter, have not been so enthusiastic. 

It appears that even after causing an infestation of bats, this bat-free building has struck again, nicknamed the “bat wing” by teachers and students, only this time with bad traffic – not more bats. Let’s be honest, having two connected buildings sounded cool at first, of course, we were under the impression that the connection point would not be one solitary stairwell. Students of every grade would agree that the staircase would not be so bad had the first two flights not been funneled into a single flight of stairs designated for only one building. But as fall break approaches, we are slowly adapting to the stair fiasco: either wait in line and go through the chaos, or go around to a more out-of-the-way, usually inconvenient, staircase so you can avoid the crowd and get to your destination in the same amount of time or less. 

Of course we are not critical to all of Perry’s new features. Thanks to the outside tables and benches, the majority of us can now avoid the cramped cafeteria and not be stuck having to sit in the wet grass or on the ant-haven concrete. 

We are also pretty thrilled about the new addition of the mindfulness room. Counselors are great at what they do and can help students with a multitude of issues. However, students have a lot on their plates; and that is where the mindfulness room can step in. The mindfulness room is a way to help take on issues dealing with mental health and is accessible throughout the day – with a pass during class hours that is. We cannot wait for the grand opening and to have a comfortable space to tame any uneasiness and stress.