The Flash Season 1


Barry Allen is a 23 year old is a Forensic Assistant for the Central City Police Department. On December 21, 2013 Allen was hit by a wave of Dark Matter. As soon as the dark matter was in his system a lightning bolt struck Allen. 9 months latter Allen woke up from a coma he was in. During the 9 months he was in a coma Allen’s body was going through multiple changes. The “Speed Force” was entering his system.

The “Speed Force” is an extra-dimensional energy that gave the “Flash” his speed. There were multiple people affected by the Particle  Accelerator and they were called “Metahumans”. Over the Season Allen had a fair share of tough battles. His first one was with a Metahuman by the name “Clyde Martin”. Martin could control the weather and cause fog, rain, wind and many other weather he wanted too. Martin created a tornado outside of Central City. That was the day that the “Flash” became as a hero. At first Allen couldn’t beat the tornado but with the help of Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Harrison Wells Allen embraced the Speed Force and defeated his first “Battle”.

When Allen was 11 his mother was murdered right in front of him, His dad was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t do. The night of his mother’s murder two “Speedsters” from the Future where having a fight around his mother. The Speedsters where the Flash and the Reverse-Flash. The Reverse Flash was Allen’s true enemy. After the night of Allen’s moms murder he has been researching the impossible. Allen went to live with his Foster dad Joe West and his daughter Iris West.

The Reverse Flash was from the Future. During the night of Allen’s mother’s death Eobard Thawne (The Reverse Flash)  couldn’t harness any of the speedforce so he can go home. Thawne was stuck in a time period where he’s not even from. The goal of Thawne was to kill Allen as a kid so the Flash wouldn’t have been created, But older Flash got younger Allen out of there so Thawne kill his mother instead. As Thawne was trying to go home he couldn’t because of the lack of speed force in his system. Thawne took over Harrison Wells body and was watching Allen as a kid to make sure he followed the path of what he had in the past he needed to recreate the Flash. The lightning bolt that he was hit with was just luck, Thawne made the lighting bolt to hit Allen

I believe that this season of the flash is worth watching. The action, the thrill of watching this speedster zip thru Central City while taking  down super villains is an amazing experience. There are some flaws with the season though, the first few episodes are very slow. But after the few episodes the season is very exciting. The CW show did a great job using the comic books for idea’s for the TV show.