NHS process as hard as it needs to be


Newspaper adviser Damien Tippett

Editor and chief Emma Fernandez.

National Honors Society: the name means something. Students apply because it will look good on an application and there’s a reason for that. Not just anyone can get in. NHS only accepts the best of the best.

Some people believe that NHS is too hard to get into. However, that is the point. If NHS was easy to get into, acceptance would not be as meaningful. It would not pull as much weight on an application.

I am not saying those who do not get into NHS are not as worthy as students who do get in. I am not saying the system is perfect either; all systems have their flaws. All I am saying is that the NHS application process is difficult for a reason.

Often times there are people who think the process is too grueling because extracurriculars should not be as big of a deal. People think, if you have good grades and community service, you should be accepted.

However, NHS is looking for well-rounded students; kids who not only excel in class and help the community, but who also participate in clubs and sports.

Some people believe the selection committee excludes work experience when viewing an applicant’s extracurriculars, but NHS advisers at Perry do take students’ jobs into consideration.

“The goal of NHS is to recognize those well rounded students in every part of their high school career, not just academics or community service,” NHS adviser, Mr. Myers said.

Another problem most people seem to have with the application process is that every school has different standards.

“Each school has different focuses. Each school has its own unique culture and that’s part of what makes the schools have different requirements.”

I personally do not have a problem with this because every school is different and the standards should be set accordingly. Students argue that Perry’s NHS has particularly high standards for its members.

“At the national level NHS allows each chapter to set its own guidelines for admissions and we’ve decided, here at perry high school, to set the standard incredibly high,” Myers said.

I believe that is a good thing. High standards says a great thing about our school: that all the students are great so the bar must be especially high.

“This year we have over 700 people that meet the minimum requirement of a 3.8 GPA,” Myers said, further proving that Perry students excel in academics.

Overall, NHS is about inspiring students to do great things. The club inspires its members to volunteer and help the community, but the club also inspires nonmembers. If you do not get into NHS the first year that you apply, do not give up. Do not be bitter and claim the system is rigged. NHS is about inspiring people, so get inspired. Get your grades up, get out and help your community, and get involved in your school.