PHS: Where is your spirit?


Newspaper Adviser Damien Tippett

Student Reporter Breanna Latt

Breanna Latt, Staff Reporter

Whether students don’t want to show spirit or they don’t know how, it is time to spice things up. You get one shot: make these four years count!

For example, spirit week. Dress up, have fun! How many days of the year is it socially acceptable to wear pajamas or crazy hair to school? No one is too cool to have a good time and show some spirit; yes, I’m talking to you. Why is it a bad thing to show your personality? Break up your long school days next sprit week; it’s coming up!

“We’ve got good spirit days, it’s just getting more people (to start) dressing up; obviously those are some of my favorite days ever,” math teacher and school spirit supporter Kimberly Shill explains.

We could have a lot of fun with this if our student body could be just a little bit more open minded.
“Not a lot of people dress up for spirit week,” freshman Brooke Thompson, a badminton player, says. “Everyone should participate in spirit week instead of worrying about what other people think.”

Homecoming is another fun way to get involved in school, however, less than 45 percent of our student body showed up! I promise that you will have a better time at homecoming than you will on your couch at home. It can be hard to put yourself out there, I get it, but what do you want to remember when you look back at your high school years?

Then again, if homecoming isn’t for you there are football games. This is one of the best ways to support our school, but our student section seems to clear out the second we are not doing so hot.

“I don’t think our school spirit should depend on how well our sports teams are doing,” Shill says. She continues saying she the games are “very exciting” and “the student section was going crazy.”

“At football games I show up every time all dressed up,” Thompson says. Freshman Joseph Gorraiz says that next year he plans on going all out for football themes.

If these social events aren’t really your thing, Perry offers clubs. This is a good way to make friends and get involved. Unfortunately, clubs are not advertised well enough.

“Clubs aren’t advertised at all. There aren’t signs. They don’t really announce them. I wanted to join a club but I only found out about it the day of,” Thompson says.

“I think if they choose a week and kind of pumped up their club it could be a good thing,” Shill says.

Perry, let’s start bleeding maroon and blue because high school will be over before you know it- make it count.