The Precedent

Patrick Duffy and team members eliminate their opponent in the previous round.

Senior stress highlighted by assassins

Presley Plant, Managing Editor August 14, 2022

Senior year is the start of a number of new traditions for many seniors, with many being a rite of passage for seniors. Assassins has been a tradition across several different school districts. Seniors...

Seniors Cort Cooley and Preston Felker dance on top of the push-up board during a football game. The home game against Basha was camouflage themed.

Making most of school spirit with small Hype Squad

Saydria Ostler and Meghan McGowan September 20, 2021

After allowing limited spectators to attend sporting events last year, students have returned full force to football games. The first football game of the year versus Desert Vista beckoned a loud student...

Perrys Pom and Cheer play a game of tug-a-war against members of the Football team during last years Homecoming assembly.

Assembling a little more carefully

Kyler Allred, Staff Reporter October 1, 2020

Assemblies. Every quarter, students look forward to the big assembly where the sports stars are recognized, dances are performed and games are played. Whether it was Cheer’s incredible stunts or StuGO’s...

Senior brass leader and baritone player, Kalea Watson, practices Jungle Boogie with the wind ensemble.

Marching band focuses on school spirit after competition season is cancelled

Madeleine Nseir, Staff Reporter September 22, 2020

After a tough decision, the Arizona marching band organizations decided to cancel all in-person events for the 2020 season. Perry’s assistant band director, Benjamin Sampayan, shared how the band will...

Tatyanna Clayburne drives past a Mountain Pointe defender during a recent varsity basketball game. While there are no official attendance records kept, the MPHS side of the gym appeared to have more spectators than the Pumas - the home team - did.

OUR TAKE: School spirit stops at Friday Night Lights

Staff Editorial January 17, 2018

Friday night lights is something almost every high school student has experienced. The over crowded stands packed to the brim, bright lights and a hard working group of boys playing their hearts out. This...

Student Reporter Breanna Latt

PHS: Where is your spirit?

Breanna Latt, Staff Reporter November 19, 2015

Whether students don’t want to show spirit or they don’t know how, it is time to spice things up. You get one shot: make these four years count! For example, spirit week. Dress up, have fun! How...

Staff Reporter Izzy Rozansky

School spirit needs to make a comeback

Izzy Rozansky, Staff Reporter November 19, 2015

High school is hard work, that is understandable. Homework, sitting in class for 5+ hours a day, finals, etc. So where can high schoolers have fun? By having school spirit, that is how. Participating in...

PHS has community of students who care

Sarah Chapple, News Editor September 25, 2014

Kids involved in various time commitments on campus would be hard pressed to tell you they don’t care about school spirit. Spending more than the average eight hours on campus due to sports, music, classes...

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