Summertime activities outside.

As we move into summer, the unbearable summer heat can often force us inside. However, there are still outdoor activities you can participate in throughout the summer, as long as you bring water and know your limits, you will find the valley full of activities to do outside.

Paddle boarding is an excellent way to beat the summer heat. But not all lakes foster the right environment. Advisor of the paddle boarding club. Marybeth Vogt goes to “Tonto national forest, which includes Saguaro lake, Canyon lake, and Roosevelt lake.” One pass gives access to all three.

Some lakes are not the best for paddle boarding, Vogt claimed that before you go, making sure to check the level of boat activity is important. For example, one to particularly avoid is Lake Havasu, “There’s a lot of boats in Havasu, so I think that might be scary first of all paddling around different boats, ” Vogt claimed.

Overall if you find the right lake, paddle boarding can be a delightful experience, but if the water is choppy, like the ocean or a boat infested lake, it could be difficult.

Another outdoor activity is mountain biking, of which Senior Abigail Connors is an avid enjoyer of. A tip she gave to avoid the summer heat, is that, “You just have to go early enough,” which is true for most summer activities here in the valley.

One of her favorite parks is “McDowell Mountain Regional Park. It’s got a lot of really good trails, a lot of medium trails, and a lot of beginner trails, so you can try a bunch of things.” And this summer, McDowell will be holding multiple night ride events welcoming those of all skill levels. 

Sophomore Charlie Waldron, a frequent biker, suggested mountain biking over hiking during the summer season, as the heat can be tough. 

 But hiking is still an enjoyable activity. Waldron often goes to San Tan Mountain Regional Park, due to its location. However, he stated “If we’re going hiking for an occasion we’ll go down to Lost Dutchman state park.” As one of the most highly ranked state parks in the valley, it is a favorite amongst hikers. Waldron stated “There’re so many good places around [Lost Dutchman State Park.] The park itself “is very vertical so you have a lot of shaded area” according to Waldron, if you time your hike right, you can dodge the summer heat.

Another way to beat the heat can be to swim. There are many cheap and fun options such as buying an innertube and floating down the salt river, (If you have someone to pick you up on the other side you don’t have to pay for the service.) But if you’re looking for something more close to home you can always swim in a local pool which “should open by the 26th” Junior and lifeguard at local hamilton pool  J.D. claimed. 

It may seem at first like summers in Arizona lock us inside, but there are plenty of ways to manage the heat outside and engage in normal summer outdoor activities.