Thank you teachers!


Lexi Amaro

StuGo member Ashley Day helps pass out LifeSavers to teachers for teacher appreciation week. StuGo put together several treats for the teachers throughout the week.

The first week of May is dedicated internationally to celebrating our teachers. This teacher appreciation week, Perry is finding ways to make our teachers feel special this spring and let them know how much we really do appreciate them.

Michelle Daly, Assistant Principal and Activities Director, has been planning for this week for two months. After collecting donations from parents and reaching out to businesses, the entire week is filled with lots of food and gifts for not only teachers, but also staff and custodians as well. With help from Admin Secretary Robin Fine and Office Manager Donna Murdock, Daly planned breakfast, lunch, and prizes each day. Teachers can find free car washes, gift cards to Dutch Bros, and comedy tickets in their mailboxes throughout the week. 

Honors Geometry teacher Keith Castillo has taught for ten years. “I really like that all the different clubs and organizations provide us breakfast and lunch. It’s exciting to see all the different organizations that support it. It reminds me of all the different kids I know in those groups,” said Castillo.  

Almost everything was donated directly to Perry from these businesses to support our teachers. Parents of students donated the remaining money to help administrators pay for the rest of the services. “I’ve taught in three different states, and Arizona is by far the hardest state to teach in. The class sizes tend to be a little bit bigger, the pressure seems to be a little bit greater, it seems to be a little more political, and the pay isn’t very good. You go into it because you love kids, but sometimes the working conditions make it impossible to continue. We want to keep them excited about being here,” said Daly.

Students take part in the celebration with gifts for their teachers in order to show their gratitude. “A girl that I had was really good at making this bead art. She made bracelets with red and blue beads into a circle, but then all the circles stacked on top of each other to form a bracelet. If you looked at it, it was Spiderman’s face. I have that in my house right by my keys. I could walk through it in the dark and know where it is. That’s probably the coolest gift I’ve ever been given,” said Castillo. 

STUGO also takes part in the planning for teacher appreciation week. There is a committee for each event in charge of planning it and putting it together. STUGO advisor Heather Johnson helps the students with the planning as well. On Monday, they gave out popcorn and stickers. On Thursday, they gave out rice crispy treats and lifesavers with a motivational quote. The barbeque was the main event in which they had the opportunity to grill hotdogs and hamburgers for the teachers in the courtyard. 

STUGO member Paige Kulpaca personally appreciates the cause. “I think it is beyond important to celebrate our teachers. They do so much for us in the classroom and outside the classroom. I have teachers that have made the biggest impact on my life and without them, I would not be the person I am today. We should not only be celebrating them for teacher appreciation week but always,” said Kulpaca.