Welcoming new teachers on campus


Contributed by Stacey Campbell

Teacher Stacey Campbell joining the staff. She recently became a full time teacher after she was a substitute.

Stacey Campbell is one of the newest members of the English department. Originally a substitute teacher, she is brand new to education and is now teaching English 10.

Talya Gabay: How long have you been teaching?

Stacey Campbell: I have been substituting since 2006 and officially I have just started in January of 2022. So brand new, but I have done long term subs in the past. In fact, last year during COVID I taught English 12.

TG: Since you were a substitute, do you like being a full time teacher better?

SC: I do. You get to know the students better, but I did enjoy the fact that everyday was new when you’re a substitute. But you have a lot more control over your schedule and you get to see students progress and see something through.

TG: What class and grade do you teach?

SC: I teach English 10.

TG: What is your favorite subject to teach? 

SC: English. I love to read and I think you can learn so many things from books and if I can get a student excited about learning and learning more about themselves from reading a book, I think that’s a success.

TG: What’s your favorite thing about interacting with students? Least favorite?

SC: My favorite thing is just getting to know them and having them watch them learn new things and my least favorite is if I don’t remember their names, I hate that. Because I have so many, I really try to be conscious of remembering everybody’s name.

TG: What’s your favorite book?

SC: I have so many, I would say ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ by Barbara Kingsolver.

TG: What are your hobbies?

SC: I like to ride my bike, I have two dogs, I like to hike, anything outdoors, I love the beach, and if I didn’t mention I love to read, I love to read.

TG: If you were a character in a book who would you be? Why?

SC: I like Scout Finch from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” because she’s spunky and inquisitive, and I like that.

TG: Was your dream career a teacher? If not, what was it?

SC: Actually, I wanted to be a journalist for the longest time, but coming into education later, I think this is becoming my dream job.

TG: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

SC: In teaching, it’s students crowding the door near bell time.

TG: What is your dream vacation?

SC: My dream vacation is just anywhere snorkeling. And I haven’t been to Greece, so I’d like to go to Greece and the beaches.

TG: What is your idea of a perfect day?

SC: The perfect day would be I would like to go on a long bike ride and then I would like to read a book and spend time with my family, and probably get a pizza. Very simple.

TG: Do you have any irrational phobias?

SC: Clowns. I think they’re weird and scary.

TG: If you were leaving your house, what three things would you need?

SC: My cell phone, and some chapstick, and a blanket. I know it sounds crazy, but I always get cold in Arizona so I keep a lap blanket.

Campell filled in for blah blah teacher, and there is a lot more to learn about her that current sophomore and this year’s freshman have the opportunity to experience.