Welcoming new teachers on campus

January 14, 2022

Welcoming new teachers on campus


Contributed by Tammy Soelberg

Tammy Soelberg is returning back to Perry. She taught at Perry for five years, but has come back to teach English.

Returning teacher Tammy Soelberg is joining the staff again after leaving in 2018. Now she teaches AP Literature after teaching an assortment of different subjects. 

Talya Gabay: How long have you been teaching?

Tammy Soelberg: Over 20 years. I feel like 22, but for sure over 20.

TG: What have you taught?

TS: So I have taught AP Lang, AP Lit, Honors 10, Beginning and Advanced Dance- all of that stuff here. At other schools I taught everything from Beginning Dance Company Dance, Humanities, honors sophomores, on level sophomores, and I think that’s it.

TG: What was your favorite out of all of those classes to teach?

TS: I would say AP Lit.

TG: What’s your favorite book?

TS: So my favorite author is David Valdacci. I have read like every book that he has written and I just love him. He’s got like different series that he works within them too, they’re just super good.

TG: How do you like teaching at Perry?

TS: I love Perry. For me it’s being home because I was here for five years until 2018, so it’s just like walking back into home. Like there’s people that I know, everything’s familiar, it’s awesome. The kids are awesome, it’s great. 

TG: Why did you come back to Perry?

TS: I came back because they asked me to. They needed somebody for second semester and it’s dual enrollment, which is everything that I’ve taught before with seniors and they asked if I could come and do it for a semester and I said yes.

TG: Was this your dream career? If not, what was it?

TS: It’s funny because I majored in English in college, and minored in dance and I said ‘I am not going to be a teacher, I am not going to do it’,  so my dream job was to be a technical writer which I did for two years for Ticketmaster in their corporate office and it was terrible. Because I’m a people person and you didn’t really have the interaction with people. And I taught dance my whole life and my husband was like ‘why are you doing this? You need to be a teacher,’ and he was correct. And I love it. For me, students make my job. Like that’s just it. I love the interaction with students.

TG: If you were a character in a book who would you be and why?

SC: There’s so many choices, but whoever it is, I would want it to be not the typical heroine. I want to be the strong, female, independent person who takes on the world. I don’t know who exactly that is though. Maybe I want to be black widow. Maybe that’s it.

TG: Would you rather have super speed or strength? Why?

TS: Strength, because I feel like, I think strength like mentally and physically and if you have that, you can handle anything.

The staff is welcoming Soelberg back after a four year break. Because she teaches a senior level class, all current freshman, sophomore, and juniors have the opportunity to learn under her advisement. 

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Welcoming new teachers on campus


Contributed by Stacey Campbell

Teacher Stacey Campbell joining the staff. She recently became a full time teacher after she was a substitute.

Stacey Campbell is one of the newest members of the English department. Originally a substitute teacher, she is brand new to education and is now teaching English 10.

Talya Gabay: How long have you been teaching?

Stacey Campbell: I have been substituting since 2006 and officially I have just started in January of 2022. So brand new, but I have done long term subs in the past. In fact, last year during COVID I taught English 12.

TG: Since you were a substitute, do you like being a full time teacher better?

SC: I do. You get to know the students better, but I did enjoy the fact that everyday was new when you’re a substitute. But you have a lot more control over your schedule and you get to see students progress and see something through.

TG: What class and grade do you teach?

SC: I teach English 10.

TG: What is your favorite subject to teach? 

SC: English. I love to read and I think you can learn so many things from books and if I can get a student excited about learning and learning more about themselves from reading a book, I think that’s a success.

TG: What’s your favorite thing about interacting with students? Least favorite?

SC: My favorite thing is just getting to know them and having them watch them learn new things and my least favorite is if I don’t remember their names, I hate that. Because I have so many, I really try to be conscious of remembering everybody’s name.

TG: What’s your favorite book?

SC: I have so many, I would say ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ by Barbara Kingsolver.

TG: What are your hobbies?

SC: I like to ride my bike, I have two dogs, I like to hike, anything outdoors, I love the beach, and if I didn’t mention I love to read, I love to read.

TG: If you were a character in a book who would you be? Why?

SC: I like Scout Finch from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” because she’s spunky and inquisitive, and I like that.

TG: Was your dream career a teacher? If not, what was it?

SC: Actually, I wanted to be a journalist for the longest time, but coming into education later, I think this is becoming my dream job.

TG: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

SC: In teaching, it’s students crowding the door near bell time.

TG: What is your dream vacation?

SC: My dream vacation is just anywhere snorkeling. And I haven’t been to Greece, so I’d like to go to Greece and the beaches.

TG: What is your idea of a perfect day?

SC: The perfect day would be I would like to go on a long bike ride and then I would like to read a book and spend time with my family, and probably get a pizza. Very simple.

TG: Do you have any irrational phobias?

SC: Clowns. I think they’re weird and scary.

TG: If you were leaving your house, what three things would you need?

SC: My cell phone, and some chapstick, and a blanket. I know it sounds crazy, but I always get cold in Arizona so I keep a lap blanket.

Campell filled in for blah blah teacher, and there is a lot more to learn about her that current sophomore and this year’s freshman have the opportunity to experience. 

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