Quarantine-Inspired Spirit week 


Sammy Cristerna, Ella Hanks, Aubrey Clouse and Maddie Balbarin sort and count change for the JRDF fundraiser. After collecting funds from the classrooms, StuGo members awarded the classrooms that raised the most profit.

About a year ago, students were sent home to spring break, unaware of the change they were soon to face. To remember the anniversary of going into quarantine for the first time, StuGo has planned a week’s worth of spirit days inspired by trends from the quarantine periods, and is hosting a school-wide fundraiser to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), during the week of 2/21-2/26. 

The week starts off with monochrome Monday, in which students wear clothes that are all one color. This is inspired by the reappearance of many retro trends, such as styling pieces of the same color into a cohesive outfit. Tuesday is the Quarantine Crew, where friends can wear coordinating outfits. 

On Wednesday, students can wear athletic gear. For Thursday, Tiger King: Joe vs. Carol – students dress like hippies or in animal prints, like the key characters in the popular Netflix documentary; Tiger King. The final day, quarantine fit Friday, suggests students dress comfortably, as students could while attending school from the comfort of their own homes. 

When asked how the spirit week will affect student spirit, StuGo Spirit Coordinator Bridget Pitts explains, “I think it will get more people involved, maybe get them to look forward to something, and especially because of all the fundraisers we have during that week”.  StuGo’s aim is that this spirit week will spark enthusiasm, Student Council President, Miri Chan says, “We hope that this spirit week will raise student morale”, in the midst of coronavirus struggles. The spirit week intends to help ease some stress students and faculty may be facing, as Pitts remarks, “It’ll be a little pick me up during this time”. 

This spirit week is being held in partnership with StuGo’s fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. StuGo is collecting donations, both cash and pocket-change throughout the week. Students can donate to their favorite teacher, and the male and female teacher who collects the most will be declared the “King and Queen of Perry”. Every period each winning teacher has, will receive a donut party for collecting the most money. 

StuGo is also raising money through restaurant nights. Students can visit these restaurants on the coordinated day, and tell that they are there for the Perry fundraiser. On Monday, the fundraiser will take place on Chipotle at Gilbert and Germann. Tuesday’s restaurant is Vito’s at Queen Creek and Higley. Wednesday night will be at Someburros at Santan Village Parkway. On Thursday night the restaurant will be the Barros at Queen Creek and Higley. Ella Hanks, sophomore class Vice president describes the fundraisers objective as, “Our goal is to raise as much money as we can for JDRF, and to promote awareness for the company and the cause.” 

Throughout the next week StuGo students will play music during lunch and set up entertainment. Advisor Lerina Johnson, describes the festivities as, “​We will play music and play games in the courtyard during lunch on days we have 4th hour.  We hope this brings fun to the student body and provides a fun break in their day.” 

Around this time, StuGo would usually be hosting MORP, and making spirit week- surrounding the theme of the dance. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event is not possible, but StuGo is still encouraging students to enjoy the week, and celebrate school spirit.