Wellness Room set to re-open with precautions


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With school returning, students will have access to the Wellness Room with a couple of new rules and precautions to protect students and staff from COVID-19. Formerly called the Mindfulness Room, the Wellness Room will remain open and be available for students looking to bolster their mental health. Find out more about how the Wellness Room will now be run and learn about the importance of mental health in this Q&A with Lindsay Taylor, Perry’s wellness guru, and social worker.

How will the Mindfulness Room be operated in response to COVID? Will it be closed? New precautions?

The wellness room will operate at a limited capacity. We will still be offering support groups in here but will allow for some distancing and will disinfect after each group. Masks will be mandatory just like everywhere else on campus. The wellness room will still be open during lunches for students that want to relax after they have eaten their lunch, but we will limit the number of students that can come in to the room to allow for social distancing. Students will not be allowed to eat their lunch in the room (same rule as last year). Chairs will be disinfected between each lunch as well.

Will the Mindfulness Room have any new offerings compared to last year? 

As of now there are no “new” offerings. We will continue to update our social media pages and google classroom with mental health resources and up-to-date information. We are on Twitter and [email protected] and TikTok- @empower4life.

Why is it so important for students to focus on maintaining mental health during such a stressful time?

It is so important to focus on maintaining our mental health because if our mental health is suffering it will likely impact many other areas of our life. If you are struggling with your mental health then you are likely going to have a hard time focusing in school and being successful with school. It could also cause a whole host of other issues and even take a toll on your physical health.

Is there anything else you want students to know right now?

Together we will get through this time of change and uncertainty. I am here for you all if you need me. Like last year if you have to come to the wellness room during class it has to be an immediate need otherwise you can schedule an appointment to meet with me through the counseling office (we have created QR codes to make appointments) or through my virtual office at this link. You may also sign up for support groups and get resources from my virtual office as well.