New school will be beneficial to PHS students


Ashlyn Miner

PHS stands empty now, but on a normal school day it is packed with students

Perry High School has experienced rapid growth and was reported to have 3,640 students enrolled which is exceeding capacity. In the last several years, a large number of students have become a concern as two buildings and extra seating has been added recently. CUSD district officials have decided to resolve this dilemma by building a new high school on the east side of Gilbert between Ocotillo and Chandler Heights.

The high school will be very close to many students at Perry. It certainly may relieve the school’s overpopulation by giving students other options nearby.   

For any student at Perry who is concerned about missing out on sports or the arts, Associate Superintendent, Frank Fletcher explained “As far as I know, it will be a fully comprehensive high school,” which is promising news for out of boundary students who come to participate in sports. 

This project is expected to be completed in December 2021, if not sooner. “The project will be completed in phases.  July of 2021 we will deliver both academic buildings, administration, and food court.  September of 2021 will be the main gym and the auxiliary gym and the performing arts center,” Fletcher explained.

Despite the additions and changes made to PHS the past couple of years, students are continuing to find it too crowded at school. The class sizes are very large, there are not enough seats in the cafeteria, the hallways are very crowded, and the parking lots are full to the brim daily. 

Academically, students will have a positive learning environment in smaller classes. With more one-on-one instruction, students can be more successful because teachers can help them find solutions that benefit each student. 

The high enrollment also has a negative impact on students socially. Sophomore, Brooke Martin noted “I miss seeing a lot of my friends that go to my school, but I never see them due to a large number of students,”

CUSD officials are hoping that the new school will be the solution to aid with the high enrollment that PHS has, and give students new options and new opportunities to make friends, play sports, and get involved with the hope of not having to travel so far from home and having the resources they need to thrive during their high school years. Having a new school in CUSD will be a positive change for the community.