NHS applications will be sent out later than expected


Lindsey Harrison

NHS applications were turned in in late February

Before students were sent off to spring break, many academically driven students had completed and submitted applications for the National Honor Society(NHS). Students created detailed lists of all their high school activities, tallied service hours, and collected dozens of signatures from teachers, coaches, and club sponsors before submitting their applications to be reviewed by the faculty selection committee.

Originally, acceptance letters were set to be sent out in late April, ahead of the induction ceremony planned for May 6th. Of course, like every other program at Perry, COVID-19 has caused a change in plans.

“We are not sure about [if] the induction ceremony [will happen] because that is really up to administration” communications officer Miri Chan explained. One thing they do know is, “Acceptance letters are expected to be sent in the mail by the second week of May at the latest so all applicants will know their status before summer,” Chan said.

According to Chan, “The induction ceremony…is something out of our control but hopefully, it will happen because it is a big deal for students getting initiated and officers who give speeches”.

The cancellation of the induction ceremony isn’t the only way COVID-19 has affected the NHS. “Now that students aren’t at school, we had to cancel our fourth quarter events and change the ways that members turn in their NHS hours. We were planning a recycling initiative for the fourth quarter but that was sadly canceled. Also, all members now have to turn in their hours via email and text which is not a big change and has worked well” Chan explains. Read more about the changes in hour requirements here.