Taking a mindful minute: a way to relax and recenter


Damien Tippett

Lindsay Taylor, social worker, giving presentation to baseball team. Taylor has given presentations on the mindful minute to classes and sports teams.

Taking a minute out of the day to breathe and be calm has a multitude of benefits in every aspect of life. When people think of meditation, there tend to be some misconceptions associated with it: it takes a long time, it’s boring, it’s for hippies.

Really, mediation only has to take one minute, hence the mindful minute. Taking only a moment of the day to “get in an upright posture, but a comfortable position, and then close their eyes and walk through listening to sounds, their breathing” can be extremely beneficial to the mind and body.

Lindsay Taylor, the school’s social worker, is giving presentations on the mindful minute to classes and sports teams. Taylor said the information is applicable to both students and teachers, really to any human being.

If there were a single minute dedicated to being mindful at the beginning of classes, it would help students switch gears better and be more involved in that specific subject, rather than still being thinking about the class they were just working on, or the test they have later.

It can be beneficial in sports as well. Since the baseball team has been practicing taking time when they first meet to practice mindfulness, Broc Williams said, “we work a lot better as a team.” Damien Tippett, the baseball coach, also mentioned he noticed more cohesion in the team since the practice of mindfulness has become a part of their routine.