Pumas participate in competitive math

Math Club was engaged in an event where they represented the school on November 1st. Math club sends students to math competitions throughout the school year. Thomas Rothery, Math Department Chair and the Math Club sponsor, appeared at Chandler Gilbert Community College with his students. These students were grouped into two groups separated by their math level. 


Students who are in Algebra two or lower were separated from the other students who are in Pre-Calc or higher. These students compete against a wide variety of high schools at these competitions. The Algebra two and below team ended up placing pretty high. According to Mr. Rothery,“Our group that was from Algebra two or lower scored second place overall for all of the schools.” The Pre-Calc and above team also competed in this event but they do not know the place they got. Mr Rothery also said,“They don’t tell us how we scored I just know we didn’t get first or second.”


The students that are picked to be in the competitions are from Math club and from Algebra two classes. These students excel in mathematics and are able to answer questions quickly and with accuracy. The two math teams also look forward to representing the school at other events similar to the one that took place on the first of November. 


Math Club and other math accelerated students are working hard to get better at their subjects so they are ready for the next competitions. In the future, there is another math competition that the Math Club kids can participate in. Scottsdale Community College is the next place they will visit and that event will take place in January 2020. As of right now, there are two more math competitions that are scheduled. The Scottsdale Community College competition is three months before the main event they look forward to.


In April 2020 the Math Club and students chosen to compete will journey out to the State Farm stadium, in Glendale, where the Arizona Cardinals play. They will get to go into the stadium itself and compete in the math competition that is against other schools. The tests themselves will take place in suites that overlook the stadium’s field. Mr. Rothery is going to pick five students to send to the stadium to take the test. 


Most of the students in the Math Club look forward to competitions that happen throughout the year. A portion of the students who are picked to compete in the tournaments are selected from regular Algebra two classes. These students were chosen and helped the Algebra two team place second at the Chandler Gilbert Community College math competition.