PHS Teenage Republicans ensure students “Never Forget” 9/11


On Wednesday Sept. 11, the PHS Teenage Republicans’ 9/11 Never Forget Project took place on the lawn on the east side of the gym. 13 students stayed after school the day before and planted over 1,000 flags to remember those who were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Part of a national movement put together by the Young American’s Foundation, the Teenage Republicans have been building up this project for a couple years. “Last year we did a mini version of it, but this year we wanted to go big. Typically there’s a flag for each victim. We didn’t have enough money, but next year we want to do one for each victim”, according to club sponsor, Mr. Myers. Nicolas Gomez, president of PHS Teenage Republicans also noted that “I’m really excited for next year, to see this grow and be able to represent each victim with a flag”.

The purpose of this project is to honor 9/11’s victims and to remind us of how this event dramatically changed our nation. Mr. Myers, who also teaches AP U.S. History, explained, “9/11 is a defining moment in our national history. It changed American foreign policy, it changed American domestic policy. It’s important to remember where we come from as a nation and these defining moments shape us…so it’s important to recognize these events”. Gomez also added that “Nowadays, a lot of people forget what such an event did to everyone in America. I think we need to be reminded of a tragedy like that so it can bring us together. That’s why we do projects like this”.

You can find out more about this project and others on twitter @PerryTARs.