DECA teaching new generation of entrepreneurs

We see it all around us- the use and growth of technology. Yes, it has a negative side, but the effects of technology on teens is not all doom. The DECA program at Perry is a good example of that.With technology, DECA has been helping the students gain experience and expand their knowledge on business and leadership. Which is always convenient in any work of line.

DECA is all about teaching the new generation on the world of entrepreneurship which nowadays involves a lot of technology. The students are able to get a taste of real life experiences, just by going to school. For business in the Puma Den they uses a POS( point of sales) system, “ this helps us learn how to make a sale and use the register. Which allows us to practice customer service”, DECA president Amber Adams said. Not only does this give the students a leg up on the competition when applying for jobs, but shows them what to expect in that sort of situation.

Technology has assisted the DECA student to enter the workforce in a time where technological advancements are happening. “ DECA Inc. even offers virtual business competition in which students compete in various online competitions to see who can run the most successful business”, Adams said.  This provides them with countless opportunities to gain leadership skills in DECA such as attending leadership conferences, getting involved as an officer, or running your school store. With this much experience on their belts the students are more likely to get jobs easier than others around their age.

While getting real world experiences, students are being prepared for college and life.In class they use computers to create presentations, file tax, create a resume, and much more. They put a strong emphasis on teaching students necessary life skills that they would not learn in any other classes. Along with preparing for college DECA also can help you get into college. Students in high schools all over the world participate in written, group and electronic competitions to win scholarships and so much more. “ I feel like DECA has given me the experience needed to stay ahead of other people” DECA member Megan Kester said.

DECA for many has been a beneficial organization. It has helped students learn skills for their future. Technology has also been a helping hand in their learning process and will continue to be as the it keeps upgrading in the world. Technology has found a way to intertwine with our daily life, so why not get a upper hand on how to properly use to our benefit.  The training, and learning that DECA provides will be helpful to the students down the road out of school into their adult lives.