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DECA goes to Nationals

Joielline Tchilao, staff reporter

May 20, 2019

About 22,000 DECA members from around the world have been competing and participating in the international competition in Orlando.Perry DECA students were able to compete and many received  recognition and awards in their events, representing Arizona, CUSD, and PHS extremely well. A great amount of our ...

DECA teaching new generation of entrepreneurs

Joielline Tchilao, staff reporter

April 25, 2019

We see it all around us- the use and growth of technology. Yes, it has a negative side, but the effects of technology on teens is not all doom. The DECA program at Perry is a good example of that.With technology, DECA has been helping the students gain experience and expand their knowledge on business and...

DECA students win two state awards in Career Development Competition

DECA students win two state awards in Career Development Competition

Morgan Chung, Staff Reporter

March 10, 2017

The DECA students went to Tucson on Feb. 26, and for three days, they competed in the Career Development Competition. They won two state awards titled the Platinum Club Award and the Century Club Award. The three national awards include the Campaign Award, Membership Award, and the Outreach Award. Perry...

Podcast: Perry Wins Whaaat

Perry Dance Concert. May 12, 2016. Photo by Elizabeth Jocque.

Cassie Nielsen, Taylor Moorer, and Hayley Crosby

May 20, 2016

This podcast discusses Perry's big wins of this year, Perry DECA's journey to nationals, the final dance concert of the year, and Choir's journey to Heritage Festival. DECA worked very hard to keep all their ducks in a line and ensure their spot in Nationals. The dance concert once again put on another...

PHS DECA makes it to Nationals

Ernesto Chacon, Staff Reporter

April 20, 2016

DECA has continued their success in representing Perry at the state level against many other schools, by achieving 46 medals at district level, which is the most out of any one school. The club traveled to downtown Phoenix in order to compete at the DECA competition. Some events at the competition...

Culinary and Deca unite over cookies

Bree Wade, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2016

Marketing and baking collide as DECA and Culinary III students partner together to sell cookie creations. Originally designed to be sold for Valentines day, Culinary students made and decorated heart-shaped cookies. The high demand for these cookies, however, has paved the way for them to become reg...

DECA’S Puma Den on wheels to make its debut soon

Ernesto Chacon, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2016

It has almost been a year since the Puma Den debuted. To celebrate this anniversary, DECA is expanding their business to a mobile location. The Puma Den is located at the corner of the new F building, and sells snacks and sodas at a less expensive rate than the cafeteria. A bag of Cheetos that woul...

Brief: DECA competes at internationals

Natalie Eberhard, Staff Reporter

May 20, 2015

Instead of attending the elegant prom, Perry’s DECA chapter traveled to Orlando, Florida for a week of International competition. ICDC, DECA’s  International Career Development Conference  offers students across the world opportunity to compete and attend leadership conferences. This year fourteen...

Talented PHS events

February 5, 2015

Every year families, students, and staff come together to cheer on and enjoy Perry’s talented students. Events such as Perry Idol and upcoming Mr. PHS, highlight talents and create enjoyable environments. This week Perry’s junior and senior boys will be competing in Perry’s male pageant, Mr. PHS...

DECA competes; brings home 63 medals

Natalie Eberhard, Staff Reporter

January 20, 2015

On Jan 8, Perry DECA competed in Eastern District Competition. With 70 students present, students brought in a total of 63 medals with 15 students winning the title of District Champion for their event. Out of the 13 schools competing in the district, Perry ranked high, winning almost more than any of...

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