Say goodbye to paper schedules and hello to online registration

Online registration will be replacing all paper schedules starting for the 19'-20' school year

As the new school year slowly approaches, that means it is time for new schedules. All current eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students will have to undergo the process of choosing their schedules for the upcoming academic year.

In previous years, schedules have been sent in via paper and have left academic supervisors drowned in paperwork.

This year however, paper schedules have been transformed to online submissions. Students are left with the responsibility to enter in their desired classes for the 2019-2020 year through infinite campus.

Principal Dan Serrano believes “in a perfect world it would be nice for everyone to register online, that’s what you have to do for college… It’s a big change for people.”

Not only is this a change for students and parents but faculty are also adapting to the new system as well.

The generation of today is electronically inclined and Serrano, as well as CUSD officials, are not worried when it comes to the dynamics of figuring out the logistics of entering a student’s schedule online. Students are now able to enter in all desired electives as well as required core classes on their own, in which saves faculty a huge amount of paperwork.

“It’s a change for us too, I think the students are better qualified to do it than we are,” Serrano said.

By leaving the responsibility of registering for the following school year classes to the students, a sense of adulthood and college registration preparation is put into place. Students are required to enroll themselves in the classes they desire to take.

Core classes are required for all students to register in, and the online selection of classes is made extremely easy and relevant. Elective courses fill up fast, and by registering online, students have a greater chance of receiving their top choice electives.

The new scheduling system is a new way for students to conveniently get their schedule online.

Officials are hopeful that the system will replace paper schedules in the future years to come.