Pom Program Making the Holidays Come Early

As the sleigh bells are ringing in the distance and frequent thoughts of new year’s resolutions are rolling around the corner Perry Pom has a great gift to keep any school spirited friend or loved one organized for the fast approaching  2019 year. Students, parents, or friends can purchase their very own calendars featuring a few of our various clubs and teams that can be spotted for each month.

This inclusive calendar displays everyone from sports such as baseball, to even clubs like Puma Pals and of the Pom team on the front cover.

“It [the process] was crazy and chaotic, and started out in about July but we didn’t start taking pictures until September.” explained Head Coach Tenneal Howard.
The prolonged months of creating the calendar was seemingly enjoyable for the teams involved as junior dancer Ella Gunkel apart of the Pom program states that “It was a very fun experience to unite the Perry sports teams to make it!” as well as junior Hallie Reggio had a similar take as she enthusiastically remarked “The whole idea of the calendar is so fun and I love how it includes an abundance of Perry’s athletic teams. And I hope to have a calendar hanging up every year from now on!”
Many chain as well as some local East Valley companies can be spotted throughout the calendar as sponsors have made a huge contribution to make this possible Coach Howard explains was done through the help of others.
“Mostly parents went out and asked several people if they would like to be involved. We got some no’s but in the end we got enough yes’s.”

All proceeds will be going to the Pom program to help fund the need for new uniforms.