AP teachers receiving extra rewards

Teachers who advise Advance Placement and International Baccalaureate classes are now eligible to receive bonuses.

Due to a 2016 law proposed by Doug Ducey, these teachers can earn money based on how many students pass their AP dual credit exams.

This includes every school in Arizona, such as: low income schools, wealthy schools, and charter schools.

Teachers who work at low income schools receive a $450 bonus, if students pass the exam.

However, the wealthiest schools who grant their AP teachers $300 bonuses are pulling in the most money.

Teachers will obtain their bonuses starting in January 2019.

AP U.S. History teacher, Jason Myers explains,“I have been teaching AP classes here at Perry since 2010, and this is the first year that bonuses for AP teachers have been a possibility.”

For schools to receive money, students are rated on a scale of one through five. If students earn a score between a three and a five on the exam, the teacher gets a bonus.

Overseer of the Governor’s Office of Education, Dawn Wallace, believes this law would benefit schools. As a result, multiple schools who offer little AP courses could open up, allowing more Advanced Placement options for students.

A handful of schools in Arizona, such as Betty Fairfax High School received no money because none of their student’s test results qualified. In contrast, schools like South Mountain High received as little as $300 to $450. That means only one student’s test qualified the school for a bonus.

AP testing is prevalent in all school systems. Not only can it further a student’s knowledge, but impact the school system itself. With this law taking action, teachers and students alike can benefit and reap the rewards of their work.