Fletcher Jones brings smiles to campus


With so many outstanding students on our campus, it can be a challenge for some students to stick out from the general population. However, this is not the case for a student named Fletcher Jones.

Fletcher is very outspoken and enjoys the company of his fellow students. He brings a special atmosphere to any room that he enters because of his happiness and positivity. Principal Dan Serrano said, “He is really outgoing, and I think he has opened other student’s eyes to special needs kids.”

He really gets out of his comfort zone and does things that many of the other students in the program would probably never get the chance to do and many people can see that. Serrano said, “He’s opening up doors for other special needs kids to get involved.”

Fletcher is very involved on the campus and just this year was apart of the winter play “White Christmas,” sophomore Matthew Pitman who was also a part of the play said, “working with Fletcher is one of the most fun things ever.” Fletcher is just like every other theatre student and is always present for rehearsals and puts in as much effort as the other students that are apart of school productions.

Despite some people thinking that he may have certain limitations that other students don’t have he continues to disprove what every negative person has to say. Pitman also said: “He is so incredibly smart and he is incredible to work with.” On campus he is very well known to many students and impacts the lives of people that he hasn’t even met.

Fletcher not only participates in school plays, but he is also apart of the Unified Sports team, and the Puma Pals club.

“Fletcher always brings positive energy and he lightens everybody’s day,” sophomore Kyle Shagenasaid. Fletcher enjoys singing and telling jokes, he also takes pleasure in making up dances to go along with his favorite songs.

Shagna continued, “He really makes people want to join the Puma Pals and Unified Sports because of how he is.”

He is opening up so many doors for the other students that are in the special education program on campus. Junior Victoria Vredevoogd said, “He shows the other kids in Unified Sports or the special education program that they can achieve things and they can be in the general education programs on campus, like musical theatre.” Fletcher is all about being different and standing out, he does what he enjoys and does not worry about the what everyone else calls the “norm”.

Vredevoogd also said, “Fletcher can create special relationships with people, and he remembers people really well, and he is very popular around school, everybody knows Fletcher because he is a fun person to be around.”