Loss leaves question of on-campus memorials

Thomas Richardson
On Nov. 3, the football Touchdown Club presented the Mason Family with Brayden Mason's jersey. From left: sophomore Cody Horcasitas, mother Karen (not pictured), father Frank, and sophomore AJ Owens accept the gift, which was signed by Brayden's teammates and friends.

The loss of fellow student and friend, Sophomore Brayden Mason, was one that struck the hearts of many on campus. One question remains in the minds of his fellow classmates and friends, will there be a memorial dedicated in Brayden’s honor? With now 3 student deaths in the past 3 years at Perry, only one memorial has been dedicated, back in 2011, for a young lady named Lauren Moore, who had passed away that year.

Brayden Mason was very cherished and was beloved by many students and members of the faculty at Perry High school.

Principal Dan Serrano said, “if the family were to come to me, I’m not against it, but there is an approval process.” He stated that it’s ultimately up to the family and if they wanted a memorial, the school would help fund one.

As for the football team, a temporary one was set up outside of the locker room for his fellow peers to visit and share their kind words.

 Brayden Mason

Sophomore Blake Cutlip, a friend and teammate to Mason, stated that “In front of our locker rooms for a while there has been a picture of him and a poster with stuff that people have said.”

No one has yet stated as to whether or not the football team will potentially fund a memorial for Brayden, without asking for help from the family. His fellow teammates really appreciated having a picture of him outside of the locker room so that they could remember their fellow Puma on game days and every day.

There are also students on campus that were not a part of his football family who have said that they would raise money for a small memorial to be put up in Brayden’s honor.

Junior Charles Hendrickson was a very close friend of Brayden. “I think that a lot of people would support that,” Hendrickson went on to say, “I would start a fundraiser, along with a lot of our other friend’s that were very close to him.”

Brayden was a very kind hearted and friendly young man.

He was inspiring to many of his fellow peers and students. “He did make a very big impact in a lot of people’s lives, and he affected me a lot as well” Hendrickson said of his friend.

Brayden Mason was a very well respected and loved individual, and if it is possible, he deserves to have a memorial dedicated to him and his legacy deserves to live on.